元記事: http://www.eff.org/IP/DRM/Sony-BMG/mediamaxlist.php
 ''Note: Not all of these CDs are SonyBMG discs with the MediaMax technology that are the subject of EFF's lawsuit''
 ''注: これらのCDの全部がEFFの起こした訴訟の焦点であるMediaMaxのソフトが入ったSonyBMGのディスクではない。
 *CDs that are Sony-BMG (or a sublabel), labeled on the package as SunnComm MediaMax aboard [#k732da59]
 以下に挙げるものはパッケージに SunnComm MediaMax と記述のある Sony-BMG(とそのサブレーベル)のCDである。
 |Alicia Keys|Unplugged (Standard)|
 |Angie Stone|Stone Love|
 |Babyface|Grown & Sexy|
 |Backstreet Boys|Never Gone|
 |Black Rebel Motorcycle Club|Howl|
 |Charlie Wilson|Charlie Last Name Wilson|
 |Dave Matthews Band|Stand Up|
 |Sarah McLachlan|Bloom (Album Remix)|
 |David Gray|Life In Slow Motion|
 |Eve6|It's All In Your Head|
 |Imogen Heap|Speak for Yourself|
 |J-Kwon|Hood Hop (Explicit)|
 |Jim Brickman|Grace|
 |Kings Of Leon|Aha Shake Heartbreak|
 |Maroon 5|Live: Friday the 13th|
 |My Morning Jacket|Z|
 |Pink|Try This|
 |Santana|All That I Am|
 |Silvertide|Show And Tell (Explicit)|
 |Soundtrack|XXX: State of the Union (explicit)|
 |Stellastarr*|Harmonies For The Haunted|
 |Velvet Revolver|Contraband (Explicit)|
 *CDs that are non-Sony-BMG CD, labeled on the package as SunnComm MediaMax aboard [#v1411268]
 以下に挙げるものは パッケージに SunnComm MediaMax と記されているが,Sony-BMG のCDではないもの
 |Cuban Link|Chain Reaction|Men of Business Records|
 *Sony-BMG (or sublabel) CDs that are listed on the SunnComm support website, but have nothing on the package indicating any copy-protection [#d41a0208]
 以下に挙げるものは SunnComm のサポートページにある Sony-BMG(とそのサブレーベル)のCDである。しかし,コピープロテクションが施されている旨の記述はパッケージにはない。
 |Aretha Franklin| So Damn Happy|
 |Avril Lavigne| Under My Skin|
 |Ben Kweller| On My Way|
 |Cee Lo Green| Cee Lo Green Is the Soul Machine|
 |Dido| Life for Rent|
 |GOB| Foot in Mouth Disease|
 |Kings of Leon| Youth and Young Manhood|
 |Rachel Yamagata| Happenstance|
 |Ray LaMontagne| Trouble|
 |Sarah McLachlan| Afterglow|
 |Soil| Redefine|
 |Usher| Confessions (special edition)|
 *All other CDs possibly affected by SunnComm Mediamax [#p684be58]
 SunnComm MediaMax の影響を受けていると思われるCDを以下に挙げた。
 |Artist|Album|Release Info|
 |(HED) PE|4 Song Sampler| |
 |40 Below Summer|The Mourning After| |
 |ADEMA|Unstable| |
 |Afterdark|San Francisco| |
 |Afterdark|New York City| |
 |Alicia Keys|Unplugged| Premium|
 |Alicia Keys|Unplugged| Premium Canadian Release|
 |Alicia Keys|Unplugged| Standard Canadian Release|
 |Amici forever|Defined| |
 |Amici forever|Defined| Canadian Release|
 |Ana Victoria|Love Is All| |
 |Ana Victoria|3 Song Sampler| |
 |Ana Victoria|5 Song Sampler| |
 |Anthony Hamilton|Comin' From Where I'm From| |
 |Anthony Hamilton|Ain't Nobody Worryin'| |
 |Automatic Black|Automatic Black| Album Sampler|
 |Automatic Black|3 Song Sampler| |
 |Babyface|A Love Story| |
 |Babyface|Babyface 5 Song Sampler| |
 |Babyface|4 Song Sampler| |
 |Babyface|Grown & Sexy| Canadian Release|
 |Backstreet Boys|Never Gone| Canadian Release|
 |Bargrooves|Terrazza| |
 |Bebel Gilberto|Bebel Gilberto| |
 |Blitzkrieg Pop|T. Raumschmiere| |
 |Blu Cantrell|Bittersweet| |
 |Boyd Tinsley|Boyd Tinsley| |
 |Boyz II Men|Throwback| |
 |Brand New|Deja Entendu| |
 |Brian Wilson|What I Really Want For Christmas| |
 |Britney Spears|Remixed| |
 |Britney Spears|Remixed| Canadian Release|
 |Britney Spears|In The Zone| |
 |Cassidy|Split Personality (explicit)| |
 |Cassidy|I'm A Hustla (Explicit)| Canadian Release|
 |Cassidy|I'm a Hustla (explicit)| |
 |Cassidy|I'm a Hustla (edited)| |
 |Charlie Wilson|5 Song Sampler| |
 |Charlotte Martin|On Your Shore| |
 |Chris Brown|Chris Brown| |
 |Christopher Lawrence|All Or Nothing| |
 |Citizen Cope|Under The Sun| |
 |Clay Aiken|Merry Christmas With Love| |
 |Cook Dixon Young|Volume One| |
 |Cuban Link|Chain Reaction (Explicit)| |
 |Cuban Link|Chain Reaction| Demo|
 |da Brat|Limelite Luv & Niteclubz (Edited)| |
 |da Brat|Limelite Luv n Niteclubz (Explicit)| |
 |Dave Matthews Band|Stand Up| Canadian Release|
 |David Gray|Life In Slow Motion| Canadian Release|
 |Death Threat|Now Here Fast!| |
 |Dido|White Flag| |
 |Dido|Dido Live| |
 |Donell Jones|Journey Of A Gemini Sampler| |
 |Donell Jones|Album Sampler| |
 |Donovan Banzana|Life's Code Of Ethics| |
 |Elvis Presley|Close Up Sampler| |
 |Elvis Presley|Live In Texas 1972| |
 |Elvis Presley|Unreleased Movie Gems| |
 |Elvis Presley|Unreleased Stereo Masters From The `50s| |
 |Elvis Presley|The Magic Of Nashville| |
 |Faithless|Forever Faithless| |
 |FlamBey|The Flamerous Life| |
 |Foo Fighters|7 Song Sampler| |
 |Foo Fighters|In Your Honor (Electric)| |
 |Foo Fighters|In Your Honor (Acoustic)"| |
 |Frequent Flyer|Bombay| |
 |Frequent Flyer|Rio De Janeiro| |
 |From Zero|My So-called Life| |
 |Gavin DeGraw|Chariot Album Sampler| |
 |Goldfrapp|Supernature| |
 |Hadley|Hadley| |
 |Heather Headley|this is who I am| |
 |Hot Import Nights|Driving Beats| |
 |Ike and Tina Turner|The Early Sessions| |
 |In Essence|The Master Plan| |
 |J-Kwon|Hood Hop (Edited)| |
 |J-Zone|A Job Aint Nuthin but Work| |
 |Jacksoul|PROMO| HMV value add|
 |jacksoul|Resurrected| |
 |James Taylor|Hourglass| |
 |Jamie Foxx|Unpredictable| THE SAMPLER|
 |Jeff Bates|Good People| |
 |Jim Brickman|Grace| Canadian Release|
 |Jody Sticker|5 Minutes| |
 |Judd And Maggie|Subjects| |
 |Kalan Porter|219 Days| |
 |Kasabian|Kasabian| Canadian Release|
 |Keith Anderson|Three Chord Country And American Rock & Roll| |
 |Kelis|Tasty (Edited)"| |
 |Kelis|Tasty (Explicit)| |
 |Ken Oak|Half Step Down| |
 |Kenny G|4 Song Sampler| |
 |Keshia Chant?|Sampler| |
 |Kings Of Leon|Aha Shake Heartbreak| Canadian Release|
 |Leilani Jaster|Leilani Jaster| |
 |Len Doolin|Once In A Lifetime| |
 |Leo Kottke/Mike Gordon|Sixty Six Steps| |
 |Living Things|Ahead Of The Lions| |
 |Longwave|There's A Fire| |
 |Los Razos|La Raza Anda Acelrada (Explicit)| |
 |Manmohan Waris|Nachiye Majajne| |
 |Mario|Here I Go Again| |
 |Maroon 5|Maroon 5 Live - Friday The 13th| Canadian Release|
 |Mashonda|January Joy| |
 |Melissa O'Neil|Melissa O'Neil| Canadian Release|
 |Moderato|Detector De Metales| |
 |Moenia|Stereo Hits| |
 |My Morning Jacket|it still moves| |
 |Nathaniel Kimble|Better Get Ready| |
 |Nikka Costa|Can'tneverdidnothin'| Australian Release|
 |Nodesha|Get It While It`s Hot| |
 |North Star|Pollyanna| |
 |Other|Please Detail in Question| |
 |Our Lady Peace|Healthy In Paranoid Times| Candadian Release|
 |Out Of Your Mouth|Draghdad| |
 |Outkast|Speakerboxxx| |
 |Ozomatli|Street Signs| |
 |Paul van Dyk|Politics of Dancing 2| |
 |Pedro Vargas|Pedro Vargas Canta a Jos? Alfredo Jim?nez| |
 |Peggy Scott-Adams|God Can And He Will| |
 |Peter Cetera|You Just Gotta Love Christmas| |
 |Philosopher Kings|Castles| |
 |Play-N-Skillz|The Album Before The Album| |
 |Projet Orange|4 Track Sampler| |
 |Projet Orange|Megaphobe| |
 |Quenga|Quenga| U.S. and New Zealand Release |
 |Raheem DeVaughn|The Love Experience| |
 |Ray Charles|Genius Loves Company| |
 |Richard Hawley|Cole's Corner| |
 |R?yksopp|The Understanding| Australian & New Zealand Release |
 |Sak Pas? Presents Wyclef Jean|Welcome To Haiti Creole 101| |
 |SalonMusique|Uptown Conditioner| |
 |SalonMusique|Ultimate Relaxer| |
 |Santana|All That I Am| Canadian Release |
 |Sarah McLachlan|Afterglow Live| |
 |Sarah Mclachlan|Fallen| |
 |Say Anything|Say Anything...is a Real Boy| |
 |Say Anything|Say Anything...was a Real Boy| |
 |Say Anything|Say Anything...is a Real Boy| Canadian Release |
 |Say Anything|Say Anything...was a Real Boy| Canadian Release |
 |Shane Capone|Heated Speech| |
 |Shawn Desman|Sampler| Canadian Release |
 |Shawn Desman|Back For More| Canadian Release |
 |Shawn Kane|Full Version Sampler| |
 |Shawnie|The Return| |
 |Silvertide|Show And Tell (Edited)| |
 |Skrape|Up The Dose| |
 |Sloan|Action Pact| |
 |Sloan|A Sides Win: Singles 1992-2005| Canadian Release |
 |Smitty|Life Of A Troubled Child (Album Advance)| |
 |Soundtrack|Masters of Horror Soundtrack Sampler| |
 |Soundtrack|The Cave| |
 |Soundtrack|XXX: State of the Union (edited)| |
 |Sountrack|XXX: State Of The Union (Explicit)| Canadian Release |
 |South|With The Tides| |
 |Spymob|Sitting Around Keeping Score| |
 |StellaStarr*|4 Song Sampler| |
 |StellaStarr*|Album Advance| |
 |Stellastarr*|Harmonies For The Haunted| Canadian Release |
 |Steve Myland|Not Every Rhyme Has A Reason| |
 |Strawberry Shortcake|Premium Giveaway| |
 |Suburban Tragedy|Tonight We'll Watch The Sun Come Up| |
 |Syleena Johnson|Chapter 3: The Flesh| |
 |Syleena Johnson|Chapter 3: The Flesh| Canadian Release |
 |T-Pain|Rappa Ternt Sanga| Explicit|
 |T-Pain|Rappa Ternt Sanga| Edited|
 |T. Raumschmiere|Blitzkrieg Pop| |
 |Tazz Calhoun|It's All Good| |
 |Tears For Fears|3-Song Sampler| |
 |Tears For Fears|Everybody Loves A Happy Ending| |
 |Tha Rayne|Didn`t You Know| |
 |The Appearance|Are We Not Entertained?| |
 |The Calling|Two Copy| |
 |The Chieftains|Live From Dublin; A Tribute To Derek Bell| Canadian Release |
 |The Chietains|Live From Dublin; A Tribute To Derek Bell| |
 |The Crystal Method|Legion of Boom| |
 |The Neptunes|The Neptunes Present...Clones| |
 |The Residents|Animal Lover| |
 |The Sound Of Urchin|The Diamond| |
 |The Strokes|Album Advance| |
 |The Strokes|First Impressions Of Earth| |
 |The Trews|Den of Thieves| Canadian Release |
 |The Warlocks|Surgery| |
 |Theo|Chemistry...You And Me| |
 |Tita & S?ozinha|Pap?| |
 |UGK|Jive Records Presents: UGK-Chopped & Screwed| |
 |Usher|Confessions| |
 |Various|Relaxation: A Windham Hill Colletion| |
 |Various|Reflections| |
 |Various|Urban International Sampler| |
 |Various|Arista Fall 2003 Sampler Promo CD| |
 |Various|Down South Party Mix!| |
 |Various|Elizabethtown| Songs From the Brown Hotel|
 |Various|Canadian Idols: High Notes| Canadian Release |
 |Various|2005 NARM Sampler| |
 |Various|So Amazing An All-Star Tribute To Luther Vandross| |
 |Various|So Amazing An All-Star Tribute To Luther Vandross| Canadian Release |
 |Various|Masters Of Horror| |
 |Various|Masters of Horror Radio Sampler| |
 |Various Artists|Music Snapshot of LG Action Sports Championship| |
 |Various Artists|Majestic II| |
 |Velvet Revolver|Contraband (Edited)| |
 |Velvet Revolver|Bonus Material| |
 |Vertical Horizon|Go| |
 |Vue|Down For Whatever| |
 |Wakefield|American Made| |
 |Wakefield|What Side Are You On? (explicit)| |
 |Wakefield|Which Side Are You On? (edited)| |
 |Whitney Houston|One Wish| |
 |Whitney Houston|Try It On My Own| |
 |Wyclef Jean|The Preacher`s Son| |
 |Yaga Y Makie|Clase Aparte| |
 |Yogacharya Swami Kripalvanandji|Premdhara 3 & 4| U.S. & India Release |
 |Yogacharya Swami Kripalvanandji|Premdhara 5 & 6| U.S. & India Release |
 |Yogacharya Swami Kripalvanandji|Premdhara 7 & 8| U.S. & India Release |
 |YoungBloodZ|Ev'rybody Know Me (Explicit)| |
 |YoungBloodZ|Ev'rybody Know Me (Edited)| |
 |YoungBloodZ|Drankin` Patnaz| |
 |Yung Wun|The Dirtiest Thirstiest (Explicit)| |
 |Yung Wun|The Dirtiest Thirstiest (Edited)| |