*削除ツール [#l4d2b44a]
 via [[MSがウイルス削除ツールの新版公開、ソニーBMGのrootkitに対応:http://news19.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news/1134522214/42]]の42~
 [[ARIES Rootkit Remover (Sony Rootkit) :http://www.lavasoftresearch.com/betaprogram/rootkit.php]]
 >In 2005, Sony included rootkit style content protection software toapproximately 4.7 million CDs of over 50 artists worldwide exposingconsumer PCs to security holes. The DRM (Digital Rights Management)software called XCP, developed by First4Internet, was placed. Accordingto Sony, about six million CDs currently have this software.~
 >Lavasoft answers the challenge by giving you the Beta of the ARIES RootkitRemover (Sony Rootkit), which aims to remove the Sony Rootkit for good.Currently a standalone tool, this application provides a reliable, trustworthy,and safe way of removing the root-kit, unlike Sony's own root-kit removerthat has been known to cause blue screens. 
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